Check your schedule for any important engagements immediately following your procedure. If you will be sedated for your procedure, check with your ride to assure they are available and can stay with you for 1 to 1 ½ hours after you arrive back home. Plan to take it easy for the week after surgery and avoid physical exertion (i.e., heavy lifting, high-impact exercise and swimming). TLC* is the best prescription you can give yourself and you’re worth it. If you are being sedated please be aware – sedation takes time. Please arrive on time for your procedure.


Some procedures require antibiotics and/or other medications be taken prior to surgery. We will call you prior to your appointment to explain your instructions for prescriptions and call them into the pharmacy for you. If you take ASPIRIN, COUMADIN, WARFARIN, PLAVIX or OTHER BLOOD THINNING MEDICATIONS please be sure we are aware of this as they may need to be discontinued prior to your procedure.  If you take BONIVA, FOSAMAX or other BISPHOSPHONATE medications please be sure we are aware of this as you may be required to take a DRUG HOLIDAY from these medications prior to procedures. BLOOD PRESSURE MEDICATIONS SHOULD BE TAKEN NORMALLY PER YOUR DOCTORS DIRECTIONS.


Prior to Surgery:

Sedation: NOTHING TO EAT FOR 6 HOURS PRIOR TO YOUR PROCEDURE. You may have water ONLY.  NO COFFEE, TEA or SODA. Be sure to follow directions on medication bottles regarding medications to be taken at home prior to your procedure.

Non Sedation: You should eat a lite meal if you are not having sedation for your procedure.

After Surgery: On surgery day and the day after, keep all food and drink temperatures cold or lukewarm – not hot. Avoid carbonated beverages for 2 – 3 days because this can increase chances for bleeding. Do not use straws for three days. Eat soft foods and avoid hard or crunchy foods until your post-op visit. You will be on a soft diet for several days until you feel that you can chew firmer foods. (Examples: Breakfast: scrambled eggs, Jell-O, puddings, applesauce, yogurt, pancakes, oatmeal. Lunch / Dinner: baked or broiled fish or chicken, soft cooked veggies, potatoes, pasta, ice cream) If surgical areas are in the front part of your mouth, do not bite into any foods. Cut food into bite size portions and chew on non-surgical areas.


Wear comfortable clothing for your procedure. Do Not Wear Make Up to your Surgical Procedure. If you will be sedated, plan to wear something comfortable to relax in once you arrive home.


Please contact the office 5-7 days prior to your scheduled procedure if you have questions regarding medications you are currently taking and your procedure, if you have questions regarding insurance coverage, payment or if you need to reschedule your surgery date.

If you have any questions please call the office anytime at:


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